• About Ha-Ra®

  • Ha-Ra® is the premier supplier of chemical-free cleaning systems for home and industry.

    • Virtually no chemicals
    • Faster than any other method
    • Produce excellent results
    • Extremely durable
    • Very economical

    An idea gains acceptance!

  • Ha-Ra® cleaning systems are made in Germany and Switzerland.

    Ha-Ra® launched its first product in 1982 - the window cleaning device. Since then, Ha-Ra® has developed a complete household and industrial cleaning system that is now used worldwide.

    Ha-Ra® products are patented and protected by trademark.

    Only Ha-Ra® has the cleaning power as described throughout this website.

    There's no such thing as a miracle!
    But there is
    The physical-mechanical cleaning system from Ha-Ra®!

    Your Ha-Ra® specialist consultant will be glad to tell you more!