• History of Ha-Ra®

  • Hans Raab - Founder of Ha-Ra®

    Hans Raab Entrepreneur - Ha-Ra NZ

    From an early age, Hans Raab of Germany was drawn towards independence and self-determination.

    Together with his wife Vera he established a commercial cleaning company in Dudweiler (Germany).

    In a short period of time, using commitment and technical knowledge, Hans Raab developed a competitive business that provided a workplace for more than one hundred people.

  • The Birth of Ha-Ra®

    Hans Raab soon became aware of health problems among his employees, which he believed were caused by the daily use of the cleaning products and chemicals.

    Around this time, he recalled reading an article about native African tribes and their effective and environmentally friendly cleaning methods.

    He realized that our society would not accept cleaning methods using sand, mud and water, and therefore set about developing alternate methods.

    After years of research and experimenting, Hans Raab developed a method for producing cleaning fibres, which only need water to clean. The cloths, gloves and pads are made up of millions of the extremely fine special fibres that loosen and remove even the most stubborn dirt and grease particles, leaving surfaces completely clean.

    This pioneering invention led to the beginning of a tremendous success story.

  • Hans Raab World Record Window Washing - Ha-Ra NZ

    At the 1982 inventors' fair in Basel (Switzerland), Hans Raab presented a window cleaning device consisting of these fibres, and was awarded a gold medal for his invention.

    In 1984, Hans Raab set a world record cleaning an area of 638 square meters of windows at the Hilton Hotel in Basel in two hours, 54 minutes. That record still stands today.

    It was a long and difficult road for Hans Raab and his family, but due to the effectiveness and quality of his "physical-mechanical cleaning system", his business experienced an unexpected boom at the end of the Eighties.

  • Hans Raab passed away after a long illness on 13 September 2012, but his legacy lives on.
    Today, Ha-Ra® is represented in more than fifty countries worldwide.