• What People Are Saying About Ha-Ra Products


  • We have been using Ha-Ra products at the above motel for 6 years, and find that they are a far superior product than what is on the market at the moment.

    We are still using the original mini cloths and the window cleaner.
    The window cleaner has still got the same rubber scraper on it and does not look like wearing out for same time yet.
    The mini cloths have just been replaced, but the old ones are going to be kept as spares.

    We have just purchased the floor cleaning cloth and accessories and will slowly build up the Ha-Ra collection of cleaning products.

    Try them for yourselves, we will use nothing else.

    John & Patricia Cowley | Your Hosts | CAMELOT MOTOR INN | Hamilton

  • As housekeeper of a large property with 220 rooms, we trialed 2 x Ha-Ra cloths for 1 month. A double-sided heavy and medium duty cleaning cloth the other a drying and dusting cloth. These were used to clean bathrooms including bath walls and floors, mirrors and bathroom vanity. Also to dust bedside units and mirrors.

    At present we are using three different products to do our cleaning, a window and mirror product, a foaming bath cleaner and a general purpose cleaner.

    As some of my staff are asthmatic and suffer from dermatitis, we can not use some products because of the chemicals they contain and the reaction it causes.
    This is a problem we have found with a lot of chemical cleaners.

    With Ha-Ra cloths there was no such problem, the fibres did a wonderful job and needed very little effort in cleaning. Staff felt comfortable using the cloths, knowing there were no chemicals involved, therefore it was safe for them to use, better on furnishings and on the environment.

    We are happy with the results, fittings and furnishings came up cleaner. The baths in particular looked and felt much cleaner as did our mirrors (streak free).

    Overall, the general opinion was that everyone was very impressed with the effectiveness of Ha-Ra products.

    J. C. Stepenson | Executive Housekeeper | QUALITY HOTEL | Logan Park, Auckland

  • Kiwi Paka YHA is a 250-bed accommodation property ranging from lodge style accommodation to ensuite units. W e also have a cafe / bar, communal kitchen facility and conference room on site.

    In 1998 we extensively upgraded our lodge facility and used a product called Permachip in the bathroom areas.
    This product was perfect for our requirements but difficult for our housekeeping staff to keep it at a high standard.
    The director of Permachip introduced us to the Ha-Ra cleaning system.

    As a company we were delighted with the concept that we could clean the complex with out having to use chemicals or products that damage the environment.
    At first we were skeptical of the claims but had a two week trial period using our existing system and the Ha-Ra system.
    We now use Ha-Ra throughout the complex daily.
    With the combination of cloths, gloves, floor pads and product we are able to have every surface in the complex hygienically clean and tidy.

    Prior to using the Ha-Ra products, Kiwi Paka spent between $1200 - $1500 a month on cleaning products.
    This has been reduced by over 80% with toilet paper and dish wash detergent making up the balance.
    These savings allowed us to recoup our initial start up costs within the first two months of using the product.

    The proof of any system comes from our most important person - our guest. We have many comments throughout our guest book on how clean and tidy the complex is.
    Over the last 18 months we have used the product.

    We would not hesitate to recommend the Ha-Ra way of cleaning with fibres and Ha-Ra New Zealand.
    We are delighted. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

    Malcom Munro | KIWI PAKA YHA | Rotorua


  • Time is money to a commercial cleaner!

    Finishing a task in a shorter time is money in the bank. This is the appeal of the Ha-Ra Cleaning System as its products save you time, and therefore money, but still do a very satisfactory standard of cleaning.

    I have used the Ha-Ra Cleaning products for approximately a year now and find that they out-perform traditional ways of doing the task.

    The Ha-Ra cloths and gloves are excellent for cleaning bathroom - toilet, kitchen - canteen fittings, especially aluminum sinks and showers, and modern laminated type surfaces.

    The Floor System replaces traditional spot mopping, saving over 50% in time and water, so it dries quicker and on shiny surfaces like polyurethaned wooden floors, cork tiles and marble tiles leaves a better end result.

    The Ha-Ra products live up to the claims made of them - I unreservedly recommend them.

    Alan Fausett | A. H. FAUSETT CLEANING SERVICES | Auckland

  • We have been using the Ha-Ra cleaning system on all our commercial cleaning work sites for three months now and must report to you our complete satisfaction.

    We clean a wide range of commercial and industrial sites, with offices, canteens and ablution areas, workshops, cement works, ship yards and car parks; in all these areas we have found a Ha-Ra system that will complete the cleaning tasks more efficiently, more professional and more economically than by any of the "traditional" methods.

    Add this to the advantages of being user friendly, (our staff no longer suffer from the effects of skin contact with the range of chemical cleaners we had traditionally used or inhaled fumes from spray on cleaners and acids); customer friendly (the enhanced performance of the Ha-Ra cloths and floor tool are now very obvious); and environmentally friendly as all the surfaces are clean with no detergents or other chemical residues and no pouring countless litres of chemically treated waste water into our groundwater or water systems.

    The floor tool and pads are a vast improvement on the outdated string mop / roller bucket method. The versatility of the swivel head allows for quick and east cleaning in corners and other difficult areas. It also allows for very efficient cleaning of walls and ceilings, showers, urinals or large surface.

    The range of Ha-Ra cloths and mittens do an exceptional job on all surfaces, leaving them streak free.

    The window cleaning system also saves time and effort and is very effective on external or internal glass, cleaning where other systems cannot easily be used.

    Our storeroom, vehicles and cleaning cupboards now only contain a few cloths, floor and window tools and no containers of cleaners, liquid scourers, detergents, bleaches etc.

    We would strongly recommend the complete Ha-Ra Cleaning System to any commercial cleaner. In fact, we would suggest to everyone, everywhere, in any cleaning situation would benefit from using the Ha-Ra system.

    Tony Howlett | Director | LIFESTYLE SERVICES | Northland


  • Burger Fuel came across the Ha-Ra cleaning system, while trying to find a more cost effective, chemical free solution to our cleaning needs in both our Takapuna and Ponsonby stores.

    The Ha-Ra cleaning system is currently being used in both stores for the sanitised cleaning of our front of house tables, all stainless steel surfaces in our kitchen servery area and prep room, freezer tops and floors.

    Our previous system of normal detergent and bleach was not adequate for the food industry, we were not happy to have bleach and chemicals in our store. It was a lot more time consuming for both shop staff and office staff who had to keep replacing uniforms with bleach stains.

    Burger Fuel Ltd. has found the Ha-Ra cleaning system to be an effortless, time saving and safe way to clean our stores, while also keeping them chemical free and environmentally friendly.

    We would gladly recommend the Ha-Ra cleaning system to an establishment wanting an effective, safe solution to all their cleaning requirements.

    Chris Mason | Managing Director | BURGER FUEL | Auckland

  • Ha-Ra Trial Report
    The trial period was for approximately six months.
    The kitchen was supplied with a set of floor cleaning equipment, one scour pad, one multipurpose cloth and one set of window equipment. We were also supplied with one bottle of Protective Formula. The floor system has by far been more effective than the traditional string mop and roller bucket system. With the swivel head and easy to change cloths the overall cleaning time was more than halved. The staff were able to do the walls and ceilings at the same time without excess chemical residues.

    Although the initial outlay was what seemed to be high this was more than compensated by way of chemical dollar, time/labour dollar, mops and buckets. The average saving for our small operation would be approximately $600-$800 per annum.

    This would be far greater for a larger operation.The product is totally user friendly and environmentally safe.
    The mirror and window cleaner also saved time, as the head and handle was adjustable, it eliminated the use of ladders and step stools to reach the ceiling or extractor hood ceilings, which meant the cleaning could be done during normal operating hours.

    The coarse scrubbers were ideal for stainless steel benches, then wiped down with universal white cloth.
    The advantage of the cloth is that when using them on painted surfaces it did not scratch the surface or remove the paint.
    The difficultly with these systems was educating the staff on the correct usage of the cloth and of course theft or removal of the product.

    Having overcome these problems my recommendation is to try it, get a demonstration and evaluate the product for yourself. I think you will be impressed.

    P. Exeter | Excutive Chef | FIRST IMPERIAL HOTEL | Auckland

  • I am writing in response to the purchase of the Ha-Ra Floor pads and cleaning system.

    The shape of the floor pad is a vast improvement to the old wringer/mop system.
    The staff quickly became aware of this aspect of the improved cleaning ability and ease of use.
    he environmentally friendly aspects of this cleaning system are obvious.
    The cleaning pads are used primarily on tile and stainless steel surfaces and works extremely well.

    I, along with my staff am well pleased and very happy to recommend your Ha-Ra cleaning system.

    Paul Humphrey | Executive Chef | QUALITY HOTEL | Logan Park , Auckland

  • We have been using Ha-Ra products for the past few months, and are very pleased.
    We use them in our Bakery and Cafe and it takes less than half the time to clean floors and windows, than with normal cleaning products and mops.
    The fibres are easy to clean.

    We can recommend the products to anybody.

    Eveline & Franz Muller | Owners | SWISS BAKERY, PATISSERIE & CAFE | Milford