• Ha-Ra® New Zealand Business Profile

  • Ha-Ra® has been successfully marketed in New Zealand for the past seven years. Many New Zealanders have been re-educated, through group demonstrations or on a one-on-one situation within a a network of direct marketing methods.

    Ha-Ra® is marketed through Ha-Ra® New Zealand.

    Daphne and Colin Milthorpe are the National Distributors of Ha-ra products for New Zealand.
    Colin's background has been in retail and stock management.
    Daphne's background in the last 25 years has been in Tax Accounting.

    She became a consultant for Ha-Ra New Zealand in December 1999. Later, on 1 June, 2004, Daphne and Colin took over the national distributorship for New Zealand.

    Our focus is on customer service, training and retraining. The client has to see the product, feel it, and judge for themselves.

    Ha-Ra® works on referrals with happy clients wanting to educate others, thus becoming consultants themselves. Networks of agents are slowly being set up throughout New Zealand.

    The national goal of Ha-Ra® is to provide service to all customers whether through group demonstrations, one-on-one or re-training programs, and to make Ha-Ra® a well-known brand name.