• The Ha-Ra® Business Opportunity

  • Become a Ha-Ra NZ consultant

    We are looking for enthusiastic people from all regions of New Zealand to become trained Ha-Ra® consultants.

    We believe that by becoming a consultant you will have the very best system worldwide to promote and sell.


    Could you sell an excellent product:-

    • from an environmentally-conscious company
    • that cleans faster and cleaner than the professionals
    • that has no toxic chemicals or residues
    • that saves you money and time
    • that protects you, the environment and future generations


    Would you like to:-

    • be your own boss
    • work your own hours
    • earn a living & still have time for leisure
    • meet interesting people


    If this appeals to you, please contact Ha-Ra® New Zealand
    and learn more about fulfilling your dreams of being financially independent!