• The Ha-Ra® Quality Guarantee

  • Today, Ha-Ra® products are represented in over 50 countries worldwide and Hans Raab's research is continuing...

    The effectiveness and long life of Ha-Ra® products speak for themselves.

    Ha-Ra® products are made from high quality raw materials and are manufactured with the utmost care.
    However, should an article show a material or manufacturing defect, we will gladly replace it.

    We will give a five-year warranty on the WINDOW CLEANER and the FLOOR EXPRESS in normal household use (excluding normal wear and tear on parts such as rubber strips and fibres).

    We have various kinds of fibres and equipment for all kinds of surfaces with various degrees of soiling.

  • Ha-Ra® is AsureQuality Assessed H1338

    Ha-Ra® New Zealand is able to offer its customers the reassurance that the Ha-Ra® system is both hygienic and suitable for all types of areas/surfaces and a broad cross-section of industries.

    We have allowed AsureQuality to put the Ha-Ra® system through its rigorous testing process and are able to offer the end result (AsureQuality Assessed H1338), benefits, to not only to our domestic customers, but also to our commercial customers whether it be within the food/hospitality industry, the medical profession or professional cleaning services, just to name a few.

    Ha-Ra® Micro-fibre Cleaning System is AsureQuality Assessed for;
    Reference H1338

    For further information on the AsureQuality Assessed H1338, and product specifications please contact us.