• Ha-Ra® and the Environment

  • Ha-Ra® - faster and cleaner than the professionals and environmentally sound!

    Thanks to the effectiveness of the mechanical-physical function of the Ha-Ra fibres, you will save more than 95% of the cost of the cleaning products that you currently purchase, both in the home and in industrial situations.

    Millions of people all over the world are beginning to realise that Ha-Ra® products not only cost effective, they are also environmentally sound and work faster, more effectively and with less mess than most cleaning products.

    When your Ha-Ra® cloths and gloves eventually wear out, return them to us so that we can dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

    Ha-Ra® also conducts successful research in the area of purification for bodies of water. With a very large financial investment, Ha-Ra has developed an industrial waste cleaning system which will ease the burden on our water treatment plants and wastewater.

  • Achievements of Hans Raab and Ha-Ra®

    Not only the first in the world, but also recognised as being a world leader
    and an environmentally friendly company!

    Over the years, both Hans Raab and Ha-Ra® have received worldwide recognition and awards for their contribution to the improvement of the environment. These include the following...

    1982 - Gold Medal: At the Basel Exhibition of Inventions, Hans Raab presented a window cleaning apparatus equipped with his special fiber and won a gold medal for his invention.

    1984 - World Record: At the Hilton hotel in Basel, Hans Raab scored a world record when he cleaned 638 m² of windows in 2 hours and 54 minutes. [See clipping above from the Spokane Chronicle of Feb 22, 1984]

    1992 - Certificate of Honor: On 19th November, 1992, the Hans Raab environment and cleaning technology GmbH was the only company presented with a certificate of honor by the jury of the European Environmental Prize "as our thanks and appreciation for a special commitment and an active endeavour to a healthy environment". [See image below.]

    1993 - Local Environmental Award: On the occasion of the Lower Saxony Towns and Municipalities day (27th May, 1993) Ha-Ra® was presented with the special award "Local Government Environment Prize 1993" for this project.